Cornerstone Girls

Cornerstone All Things Considered – “Maybelline”
Ch Chainmakers Samsung x PacStaff Seaside at Cornerstone
L-2-HGA/HC – by DNA and by clear parentage – CAER (2019)
DNA non carrier of blue or black & tan

CH Cornerstone Color of Night – “Roxy”
Ch WindyCity Harpalus x PacStaff Seaside at Cornerstone
L-2-HGA / HC – Clear by Parentage. CAER (2019)
Pictured at 4 months of age. Photo by Lynn Caswell.

Cornerstone She’s Too Spicy – “Maya”
Pridesdale The Guv’Nor x Cornerstone All Things Considered
Pictured at 6 months of age
L-2-HGA/HC Clear by parentage. CAER – eye check.
Owned with Aaron & Rebecca Kirzner